Making: more smoothies than usual as a way to cleanse my gut.It has been a rough few months. Junkwise.
Cooking: creamed spinach a lot more since I learnt how to make it. 
Eating: a lot of blueberries now that they in season.
Drinking: Kefir cultured milk for the first time. The taste needs some getting used to but I enjoyed the probiotic benefits almost instantly.Crazy but it could be all in my head.
Craving: a beach vacation with my little munchkin.Due to the pandemic our outings have been minimal I think she needs it more than I do.
Reading:The smart money woman by Arese Ugwu and the only regret I have is that I didn’t read it earlier.I haven’t read much this year but I can already tell this is my favorite read of the year.Its like someone challenged Arese to explain money as though they were explaining to a two year old.I love the simplicity with which she tackled all those complex money matters.It has  helped me concur my fear of investments and look deeper into my personal finances as well as my relationship with money as a whole.
Wanting: to have multiple sources of income. PeriodT.
Playing: dress up with Nuri. God really knew to bless me with a little girl. Let me enjoy it before she has a style of her own or is too cool for me.
Watching: a lot of YouTube videos on the making of lipstick and I am a little obsessed to be honest. My love for lipstick runs deep so deep that I might mess around and start a lipstick line in the near future! Can I hear an AMEN? The power of manifestation!
Wasting: no time second guessing myself. I have done that long enough.Time to get out of my head!
Creating: more fashion videos for Instagram reels/tiktok and I am surprised at how much fun I am having.
Wishing: for a  COVID 19 cure/vaccine something!
Enjoying: taking care of my natural hair and wearing it out more often I love where we are with each other.Check out some of my DIY hair treatments (here and here) in case you want to show your mane some love.
Loving: me a lot more unapologetically. It’s new and feels weird but I love it here!
Hoping: to restore the integrity I lost in myself with the recent changes that I’ve made in my life.
Marveling: at how consistent the universe is with the message life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.
Needing: a back massage matter of fact a whole spa treatment!Dear universe, its my birthday month make it happen!
Smelling: lime. I just made a cup of purple tea and lime.
Wearing: a lot of athleisure lately and I am obsessed with buying  active wear.Thank God I don’t have to break bank because you know, I’m all about that thrift life.
Following: my gut feeling a lot more than my heart. sis don lie!
Noticing: that my relationship with food has really changed.I am an emotional eater.With all that has been happening in 2020 (gather around people we are blaming everything on this crazy year) I have been reaching for comfort food a little too often and there are back rolls to prove it.
Knowing: that I need to get back to the gym sooner that quarantine weight is showing off and won’t let a girl thrive!
Bookmarking: Nicolette Mashille of The Financial Bunny on YouTube for all things financial literacy. She talks about all things money but in a small digestible language.I dedicated this year to get my financial situation in order and I am so glad to have discovered her channel. So timely!
Opening: my mind up to new experiences/opportunities and meeting new people.Go ahead, invite me I promise I will come.
Giggling: at how much Nuri has mastered the art of manipulation to get her way. Whew! Parenthood. Ghettaux!
Feeling: really optimistic about the last quarter of the year.

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  1. This was so soothing to read. Like a song.

    I have the Smart Money Woman…. Have had it for almost three years and not gotten to it. I will pick it up now!
    Nuri is the one. Gorgeous and smart. Parenting can be the ghetteaux and thenthere are those moments where their smile feels like the Maldives (however that must feel lol).

    1. Baaabe read it! you’ll finish it in like 2 days given your track record plus its quite interesting and insightful lol!

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