Revised Mid-Year Quarantine Resolutions

Happy New Month Loves!!

This year has been quite a mess honestly. One minute I am  productive, working out,eating clean,being optimistic and all round killing it and the next I am going through the motions doing non of these things,eating rubbish and wanting to sleep all day! And to be quite frank most of the time I couldn’t care less because with the way things are currently in the world that huge bag of bang bang chili crisps make a whole world of difference in my mood and sanity.

At some point during quarantine,I got a surge of energy and I made all this resolutions for post quarantine glow up so to speak from body goals,skin goals,hair goals etc etc.I was determined to come out of this thriving in every possible way but as the days go by and the end seems not be anywhere in the near future I am realizing  that keeping my sanity intact is where it’s at for me. So I revised what I want post quarantine glow up to look like for me this second half of the year.

Jump Rope

Instead of the intense Chloe Ting’s Get Abs in two weeks challenge(which I think is great and will still do at some point) I had set for myself I am substituting with jumping rope every so often while watching TV just to take my mind of the obsession of working out and make it fun and enjoyable.

Eat more intuitively

I am canceling restrictive diets!  This means tuning in to the body to feed it what it needs (and when it needs), instead of worrying about outside rules, recommendations, and regulations. I’ll be eating nourishing foods whenever am hungry, stopping before I am too full, and having a few mindful bites (completely guilt-free) when a plate of chips is in sight.This will look like enjoying a bag of crisps but at the same time sprinkling chia seeds on my guacamole dip! Balance sweetie!!

Prioritize social health

As we stay home and stay safe,social distancing and all be sure to take care of your social health.I believe that laughing with friends is truly as good for my health if not better than a green juice or raw salad, and happy memories affect me and keep my spirits high for longer. Long conversation with deep belly laughs serve as therapy for us and in this uncertain times be sure to schedule more of those just as you might have zoom meetings for work do the same for your relationships and see where you are at with  C-19.Text a loved one ,one little step is all you need to remind you that this is not permanent.

what are some of the adjustments you’ve made to the resolutions you had set for yourself at the beginning of the year? if any.

Before I sign off, I thought I should let you know that I bought this shirt for Ksh 30 only imagine that! It was the Think twice clearance sale and I didn’t think for a second I would score such a dope puffy sleeve shirt! The only drama I need in my life is definitely in my sleeves! Man,I just Looove thrifting!! The downside though is, I can’t ensure you guys get the same for the same bargain! Bummer!

Anyway thank you for dropping by Loves!

Stay Safe!!

Outfit Details

white shirt and handbag- Think twice

leather pants- thrifted

shoes – labelle fashions

wig – dubois

necklace – dubois

lipstick – signature no.111

Revised Mid-Year Quarantine Resolutions

Revised Mid-Year Quarantine Resolutions

Revised Mid-Year Quarantine Resolutions

Revised Mid-Year Quarantine Resolutions

Revised Mid-Year Quarantine Resolutions

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  1. Yes! I love the skipping rope while watching TV part. It will definitely cure my obsession!

    I am skipping fad diets too, running a shorter but very hillier distance and switching to more organic (thanks to YOU) solutions for my skin.

    My resolution is go be bold to not say yes when I mean no and to pray more.

    1. Yes to praying more hun…
      It surely moves mountains😘😘

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