#Girltalk : Feminine Hygiene tips every woman NEEDS to know

Hey Hey, Beautiful Woman!

While we are still camped on the month of Love,lets talk self-care/self-love.

I am pushing a vag-ender indulge me please,yes? YES!

Today we get a little too personal for comfort to some but I believe this is a conversation that is necessary because its tough enough being a girl and even more becoming a woman.Also around ‘here’ we are not embarrassed to talk about sex or periods so get comfortable. Style is not just about looking good but also feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.The goal is not to just look good naked but to feel good naked. Whether you’re sexually active or not, no woman wants to have their vagina smelling stank. Get familiar with  your kitty and love on her.Good news is, she is  a simple girl that is relatively easier to maintain than we give her credit for.This are a few tips on how to ensure the nether regions stay healthy and fresh especially when on your periods.

Ditch the vag-cologne Sis: Odour is very natural…unless it funky or fishy you are not going to smell like a bouquet of Rose’s down there.I know especially when ‘auntie flo’ is in town things can get murky just don’t give in to the temptation.Stay clean,eat healthy and change your sanitary pads/tampons as often as possible and you will keep menstral oduor at bay. There are feminine washes that are best for sensitive vaginas that could also help with keeping kitty clean if you need that extra boost when you are on your period.

Eat your pro-biotics-While most dairy products are said to be terrible for your vagina’s odor, yogurt is the exception to that rule of thumb. It has tons of good bacteria that helps your vagina steer clear of any nasty infections and keeps the equilibrium of the pH balance on track. Ultimately, yogurt doesn’t only make the smell (and the taste… cha-ching) of your vagina better, it improves its overall health. While we are parked on this particular point…You are what you eat…you smell what you eat..they say that eating sweet fruits like pineapple can help make you smell better or make things more appealing. I haven’t tested that theory out but I mean it’s worth a shot right? its healthy so you’ve got nothing to lose…take care of your insides so you don’t have to do so much on the outside.

Use baby or sensitive feminine wipes – sometimes the toilet paper just don’t cut it.Wet wipes will help ensure everything is neat and clean down-south don’t leave anything to chance.I would recommend  baby wipes since they are formulated to cater for babies sensitive skin or sensitive feminine wipes which are made to cater for our sensitive purses and you will find them stocked next to sanitary towels in the supermarkets.

Sleeping commando – first of all, your confidence levels will shoot through the roof and secondly your lady parts will thank you for it. The vag gets to aerate through the night you know have some ‘me’ time and think about its life choices. LOL!

Drinking more water – everything is so much better when you drink water hair,nails,skin looks better,pee and sweat doesn’t stink so naturally things like your coochie will also get affected by what you are eating and what you are putting in your body...men too sissy stay woke!

Go for Cotton undies – for the most part its breathable we all love lace and silk lingerie which are such confidence boosters and perfect for sexy nights but not kitty friendly especially if worn on the daily. Also, avoid overly tight pants and underwear  as they can cause increased moisture and heat perfect breeding ground for bacteria.This will also help to minimize chances of having ingrown hairs which if you have had before,you know they are from the devil.

Protip: using aloe vera gel as shaving cream helps to avoid ingrown hairs and remember to change the blades too.

I will sign off by saying this…If things are itchy, if there’s a distinct smell,discharge starts changing color,if things get clumpy and weird,if things are bleeding when they are not supposed to be that’s when you need to go to the OBGYN, that when you need to get checked and if you are old enough it would also be a really good idea to get a paps smear and  all that good stuff.

Hopefully, you guys find this helpful and if you have any more tips leave a comment down below and lets help each put our best kitty forward.

Stay Chic

love and love




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  1. Waw! So amazing…I’ve learnt alot, thanks hun.

    1. Thanks Love glad it was of help😘

  2. My number one is sleeping commando…I enjoy every bit of it. Thanks for the tips gal.

    1. I know right? feels so good..thanks for reading love ❤❤

  3. Great tips..where can we get the aloe vera gel sis ?

    1. Thank you hunnie
      Tuskys/healthy U had the dr. organics aloe vera gel not sure if they still do

  4. Thankyou love..Will check those places out.

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    1. Thank you so much I appreciate the positive feedback be blessed.❤

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