#Girltalk: Dealing with Hormonal Imbalance!!

Hey Lovelies,

I always relate hormonal imbalance  to women issues…do men experience hormonal imbalance?If so what are some of the side effects?

I know there are people who just don’t get the reason why you could possibly be fussing over pimples they find it so vain,so superficial..and maybe it is but until you have dealt with hormonal acne you have no idea how emotional a journey that is.It is heartbreaking and does a number on your self esteem and BANK account! There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and it feels like a constant reminder that something is wrong in your body.

The thing with hormonal imbalance is the side effects are glaring and in your face quite literally,from severe acne to weight gain,irregular periods etc. It is an emotional roller coaster that has me wanting to pull my hair out in frustration.However, this supplements have helped in making the journey a little more bearable and I make sure never to miss two or three of these in my arsenal.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and this is not a prescription. I’m just sharing what has worked for me in managing most of the side effects that come with hormonal imbalance and it is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach.

dealing with hormonal imbalance

Evening primrose oil EPO – these oral supplements that have been quite the game changer for me  especially with irregular periods and managing acne flare outs the latter to be quite honest is where its at for me because acne can take your confidence level from 100 to 0 in a split second.It also helps that you don’t have to be on birth control pills when you don’t need to be as they work almost as effectively in balancing hormones.They help with regulating periods as well as relieve PMS symptoms however the winner here is  how visibly smooth skin gets and less inflamed pimples.

Cod liver oil – not only are omega 3s great for your overall health but also good for hormonal balance because they are used in hormone production and function.They are very effective against inflammation, which often accompanies hormone related conditions.

Moringa powder – I included this in my diet because it was the first supplement that I had interacted with that claimed to help in balancing hormones on the packaging.  I drank this first thing in the morning for one month straight just to test out the claim and the results were quite positive. I had less break outs and it helped in regulating my periods.

dealing with hormonal imbalance

Peppermint tea– I am not a huge fan of mint to be honest my first interaction with it was on toothpaste and its been hard to disassociate the two ever since.However, I made it a staple when I got to learn that it helps modulate hormone  levels and in particular lower testosterone levels which is notorious for hormonal acne.

I am using acne and irregular periods to track the effects of the supplements because they are one of the side effects that you can actually observe but there are a lot of other side effects associated with hormonal imbalance.My belief is however, that if they are helping with managing the visible side effects they are also helping with the not so visible ones. These are definitely supported by lifestyle changes such as a regular fitness routine and trying  to eat as healthy as you possibly can to help keep the hormonal imbalance triggers to a minimal.

As always thank you for dropping by loves

stay safe😘


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  1. Hormonal imbalance is a big issue that is not well spoken about. I’m glad you’re getting your fingers around it. Fitness and Omega 3 oils are a win win in this journey. But most importantly, rest is key.


    1. So true hormonal imbalance is delicate it demands exercise but in small dosages not overdoing it.

  2. This is the post I did not know I needed. Definitely adding all these to my routine. Hormonal acne has been a thorn in the flesh for too long. This is amazing content, babe.

    1. Thank you so much babe I hope this help work on hormonal acne as well as it did mine❤

  3. hormonal acne some women do not even know they are suffering from it.its amaizing how you have brought it out.from experience for those who do not have irregular periods or symptoms a gyna and cerrtain tests help alot .

    1. So true you could be suffering and completely unaware of the reason behind it…visiting a gyna every so often helps answer those questions

  4. Hey girl, I totally relate and couldn’t put it any better. I’m glad you have spoken about this because wow hormonal acne is a beast!
    I will most definitely incorporate the remedies and see how it goes.


    1. Thanks love…It really is the worst! Please update me on how it goes❤
      All the best

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