Moringa Face Mask for Brightening SKIN and Clearing ACNE

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If you follow me on Instagram or if you are a regular on here you can already tell I am a huge fun of DIY face and hair treatments. (See DIY Face Mask to Clear Hormonal Acne and DIY Hair Treatment For Heat-Damaged Hair )
It is not only pocket friendly because you get bang for your buck but also helps that it is easily accessible and you can whip up a bomb mask from the comfort of your kitchen.
And moringa is definitely two for two. I use it as a morning drink for hormonal imbalance as seen on my previous post and as a face mask to brighten skin and clear up acne.
The trick I use when applying DIY face masks is to layer on thick so that it stays on for 15-20 min without it drying off completely. This is so as to avoid skin pulling apart as it drys and crusts up on the skin.
(Disclaimer:┬áBefore you apply this on your face do a skin patch test to make sure it doesn’t itch or irritate your skin)
Mix them all together to make a thick runny paste. Then apply it on clean face.Leave it on for 15 min and then wash off with warm water as you scrub your face in a gentle circular motion.Repeat this treatment twice a week to achieve the desired results.

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